Clive Phillips
Clive has been a dancer since he was 9 years old, when he won his first competition in Australia.

His 30+ years of experience and achievement as a world-class performer and instructor brings a perspective and insight to his dance instruction, and the progress and achievements of his students is testimony to the value of his experience.

Clive co-founded Dance New York, a world-renowned dance studio, 20 years ago. He was the Competition Dance Program Organizer at DanceSport Studio and Sandra Cameron Dance School in NYC from 1991 thru 1994. Clive co-created, choreographed and directed a ninety-minute production ”Let’s Dance the Night Away,” and led the production team on an Australian tour thru 97 appearances.

Clive has had many celebrity students, including Rosanna Arquette, Jennifer Beals, Campbell Scott, Anita Gillette and Yancey Butler.

He co-hosted with Suzanne Somers at the 2004 World Amateur Latin Championships, and at the 2004 Amateur Standard World Championships in Miami. Clive also co-hosted the 2004 Monoco Dancesport Championships with Marilou Henner.

Two time United States National Nine Dance Champion
Australian National Champion
Winner of over 200 International Dance Competitions
National Adjudicator for 2005 United States Championships
Associate/Members Degree in all 5 categories:
  International Standard
  International Latin
  American Smooth
  American Rhythm
  Theater Arts
Member - National Dance Council of America
Member - Terpsichore
Member - Screen Actors Guild
Member - Professional Dance Federation